The Justice Connect Program

Delivering Astria for Tasmania

The Justice Connect program team is delivering a major digital transformation of Tasmania’s justice system to replace out-dated and inefficient practices with an integrated end-to-end digital solution. This transformational solution will be called Astria, named after an ancient Greek goddess of justice.

This program of work impacting multiple government agencies and areas within the Department of Justice will be implemented in stages. The first stage will focus on criminal and corrective justice, followed by civil justice, then Tasmania's Tribunals.

The multi-disciplinary program team developing Astria is a unique, agile collaboration using subject matter experts from different jurisdictions, government agencies and functions who are embedded within the program team as the 'voice of the user' throughout development.

The tender process identified an expert consortium with the capability and experience to deliver a modified commercial off-the-shelf solution that will meet the Department of Justice’s specific needs.

On 30 August 2021, the Minister for Justice (MP Elise Archer) and our vendor partners signed the Astria implementation phase contract. This milestone officially marks the start of the work required to deploy Astria in the following releases:

  • Release 1: Jury Management  -  Planned Go Live November 2022
  • Release 2: Criminal Corrections - Planned Go Live  August 2023
  • Release 3: Parole Board - Planned Go Live October 2023
  • Release 4: Criminal - Planned Go Live November 2023
  • Release 5: Prison Kiosks - Planned Go Live April 2024

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